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Dinopool (Deadpool)

A more complete version

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Deadpool character, Funko has created this Dinopool figurine which is inspired by the Evil Deadpool Corps character. But while the latter only wears the Deadpool mask, this tyrannosaurus is completely in Deadpool’s colors. His body is red with powerful hind legs and a long tail and he wears Deadpool’s tool belt around his waist. He also holds a sword in each of his short legs. The head has the Deadpool mask pattern and his mouth is open with two rows of sharp teeth.


The gang of villains

Dinopool or Deadpool dinosaur is a character that is part of the Evil Deadpool Corps found in the Deadpool comics. It’s an evil corporation founded by Dreadpool and part of the DC Comics multiverse that has set out to destroy the Deadpool Corp. Dinopool is a T-Rex version of Deadpool from the Earth TRN-321. His character is not more developed than that and is simply a tyrannosaurus wearing a Deadpool mask.


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