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Doctor Strange Gold (Marvel)

An award-winning hero

Doctor Strange is one of the characters chosen by Funko to appear in their collection celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For this, several of the great Marvel heroes have been represented in gold version. Doctor Strange is wearing his wizard outfit: pants with big boots closed by thick fabric laces. He also wears a long tunic nicely embroidered and closed by a thick belt decorated with several elements. He also wears his famous cape that flies and has its own personality. On the head, we find his little goatee and his characteristic haircut.


Magic arrives in the Marvel world

Doctor Strange is an important character in the Marvel cinematic world, hero of his own adventures and also joining the Avengers in the last opus of their adventures to fight Thanos. Doctor Strange is the first to have introduced magic in a clear way in the Marvel world. Indeed, his real name is Stephen Strange, he was a very famous surgeon whose life was turned upside down when he was victim of a terrible car accident. He survived but his hands were particularly affected and he lost some of their use, as they were too shaky to continue his precision work. Desperate, he tried everything to find a solution until he heard about a patient with an exceptional recovery. This one sent him to the Himalayas to meet the ancient one” who would have taught him the healing technique that allowed him to recover. The ancient one taught him the technique and he became Doctor Strange, a brilliant sorcerer who also had to become one of the protectors of the Earth.


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