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Dr Cox (Scrubs)

An angry look

Funko has of course portrayed Dr. Cox in his doctor’s outfit. He wears the famous blue doctor’s scrub” down with a blue t-shirt and matching sneakers. Over that, he wears a white lab coat and of course his stethoscope around his neck. As is often the case in the series, he has an angry look on his face and stands with his arms crossed over his chest. On the head, we find his curly brown hair tending to red, and his characteristic large open forehead.


The King of Tough Love

Dr. Cox is one of the main characters in the series Scrubs. This series tells the story of life at Sacred Heart Hospital, focusing particularly on the journey of three of the new young interns. In particular, we follow J.D., a dreamy and somewhat eccentric boy who narrates the series and often lets his imagination run wild in totally improbable scenarios. Dr. Cox is the hospital’s chief resident and thus the direct superior of J.D. and his new friend Elliot, another particularly ambitious yet insecure intern. Dr. Cox is a doctor who cares a lot about his patients but also has a very hard personality. And while he may seem cruel to his interns, it’s because he actually wants to get the best out of them. J.D. will soon see that in him and make him his mentor, much to J.D.’s chagrin.


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