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Elliot (Scrubs)

The new girl

Elliot is shown here with her light blue doctor scrubs as she wears them during the first half of the series. She wears them with unmarked sneakers, a black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, and holds a pad with a patient chart. On the head, she wears her blond hair in a long bob with a side parting. This is a very early version of the character represented here.


A Doctor’s Beginnings

Elliot is one of the main characters in the cult medical series Scrubs. She is one of the new medical interns at Sacred Heart Hospital and will soon become friends with J.D., the central character who narrates the show, also an intern. A bit competitive at the beginning of the series, they will quickly become friends, then lovers before becoming friends again. This situation will change several times until the last season when they will finally get together permanently. At the beginning of the series, Elliot is a rich kid maintained by her rich doctor father. Named Elliot because her father wanted a boy, she is very insecure and therefore very hardworking. In the course of the series, her father will cut her off but later she will become a private doctor and eventually return to her previous lifestyle.


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