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J.D. (Scrubs)

A typical doctor

J.D. is logically represented with his doctor’s outfit, the famous scrubs”. In his case, it is blue since he is in general medicine. And he is also wearing gray sneakers and a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. He is shown with his hands in his pockets and his stethoscope around his neck. At the head level, he has black hair styled a bit in spikes like in the show.


The most dreamy of doctors

J.D, whose full name is John Dorian, is the hero of the cult medical series Scrubs. The series begins on the first day of his internship at Sacred Heart Hospital and the entire series is narrated by the character in voice-over. We hear many of his thoughts during the episodes, often all the more eccentric than the others. He is intern with his best friend Turk who is in surgery and will quickly become with Eliott, who is also intern. There is also Dr. Cox, who although often humiliating the young man, became his mentor, Kelso, the very immoral, the nurse Carla who will take J.D. under her wing, and of course the famous janitor. He is a bit of a handyman in the hospital. He has taken J.D. under his wing since the first episode and is going to set up completely improbable stratagems throughout the series, in order to complicate the life of the latter.


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