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Turk (Scrubs)

A cool character

Funko has of course represented Turk with his green surgeon outfit. It consists of pants and a t-shirt with a small pocket to which is hung his badge. He also wears white sneakers and a watch on his left wrist. On the head, we find his brown skin as well as his shaved head, his mustache and his small goatee. Finally, he is represented with a thumb in the air.


Chocolate Bear

Christopher Turk is one of the main characters of the medical series Scrubs. This comedy tells the story of a hospital, focusing on J.D., a new medical intern, who narrates the entire series and whose every thought is heard, and his group of friends, Turk, and Eliott, two other interns, and Carla, a nurse. Turk is a surgical intern and J.D.’s best friend since middle school. They have an almost fusional relationship that is often the focus of the story. Turk is a little the cool guarantee of J.D. but he also has his eccentricities. At the beginning of the series, he meets Carla, the nurse, and they will quickly fall in love.


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