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Dr Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters)

The famous four-eyed man

Like his two acolytes, professor Egon Spengler is represented with his official ghost hunter outfit. We find this gray suit worn with black boots. On his torso, we can see the label with his name and without his back he is of course wearing the necessary equipment to catch and capture ghosts. Being one of the scientists of the group, he carries a detection device in his left hand and in the other he holds his walkie-talkie. His face is very simple but we can recognize his small round glasses with black frames. His haircut is also faithfully reproduced, which makes it easy to distinguish him from his two colleagues with a similar outfit.


The brain of the operation

Dr. Egon Spengler is one of the central characters of the famous 80’s fantasy comedies: Ghostbusters 1 and 2. At the beginning of the film, he works with his colleagues Peter Venkman and Raymond Stantz at Columbia University as researchers in parapsychology. After having caused great damage in the library of the university, they are all three dismissed. They then decide to start a ghost extermination company. To everyone’s surprise, their first intervention in a New York hotel is a success. After that, they become real celebrities and there is no shortage of work as it seems that ghostly activity is increasing in New York. They discover that this activity is caused by worshippers of the evil god Zuul who try to invoke him on top of one of the new buildings in New York. Dr. Egon Spengler is one of the two brains of the group and the one who created most of the instruments used by the Ghostbusters but he is also rather uncomfortable in public, that’s why he always lets Dr. Peter Venkman speak.


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