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Dwight (The Walking Dead)

A ruined face

This figure is an exclusive released at the Fall 2017 conventions. After his first betrayal, Negan punishes Dwight by branding his face with a hot iron, resulting in almost all of his face being horribly damaged and disfigured. Apart from that, we recognize his blond hair, his goatee and of course his usual look: blue jeans, a black leather jacket and matching black boots. In his left hand, he holds a big black gun.


A tragic story

Dwight is a recurring character in The Walking Dead series who was first an antagonist of Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group before becoming one of his allies. Initially picked up by Negan’s group of saviors, Dwight and his wife Sherry tried to escape but were caught. In order to be spared, they both agreed to join him, Dwight as a lieutenant and Sherry as a member of his harem. After she frees Daryl and flees, Dwight also flees and joins the sheriff’s group and hopes to use his knowledge to finally end Negan’s tyranny.


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