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Earth Giant (Frozen 2)

A large troll

The Earth Giant actually looks like a very large troll. He is made of gray stone and covered in places with moss. His body is humanoid but with short legs, a powerful torso and very long arms. His head is very deep on his shoulders and his chin is prominent. His eyebrows are also prominent and he has a rather round nose.


A forest spirit

The Earth Giant is one of the four forest spirits encountered by Anna and Elsa in the animated film Frozen 2, the sequel to Frozen, a free adaptation by Disney of Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. In Frozen 2, while she had adapted well to her role as queen and was able to control her powers well, she begins to hear voices calling to her and causes her to lose control again. The trolls advise her to follow them to find the answer. This leads her to the enchanted forest guarded by nature spirits, water, fire, air and the Earth Giant who is the spirit of the Earth and like the others, tries to hide and keep the secrets of the forest.


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