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Elsa (Frozen 2)

Cool style

As in the previous film, Elsa continues to wear clothes in cool shades of blue. She wears a long sleeved wrap dress with a belt around the waist, revealing a white tunic underneath. She also wears a cape maintained at the level of the shoulders by some kind of epaulets. On the dress, at the bottom, we can see geometric patterns recalling the buildings of Arendelle and a slight gradient of purple that adds a little warmth to her outfit. She also wears light blue boots with a snowflake on the front. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her blond hair tied in a braid at the back of the head.


An incontrollable magic

Elsa is the famous heroine of the animated film Frozen 2 of the Disney studios, the sequel of the film released a few years ago and which was one of the biggest success of Disney of these last years. In the first movie, after having repressed her powers for years after accidentally injuring her little sister when they were young, they reappeared at the time of her coronation. Eventually, after many ups and downs, Elsa was returned to the castle, becoming a beloved queen in full control of her powers for the happiness of all. But in Frozen 2, Elsa hears mysterious voices in the night that make her lose control again. The trolls advise her to follow her voices where they lead her in order to learn more about her magic and control it again.


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