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Edward (Edward aux Mains d’Argent)

An expressive looking figure

On this figure, Edward is represented with the outfit he wears at the beginning of the movie. These are not really clothes but probably the very material he is made of. Even when Peg makes him wear other clothes so that he is a little more inconspicuous, he puts them on over his own clothes and will eventually rip them off when he returns to the castle. Great attention has been paid to all the details of leather straps and metal buckles that make up this outfit. As for his hands, they are very faithful to those of the film with the different types of blades, the smaller scissors forming a kind of thumb and the pair of red scissors on each side. True to his attitude in the movie, the character is shown with his arms away from his body, showing how he is still bothered by his own hands. The creators of the figure have kept his pale complexion, the scars on his face and the special makeup on his eyes. His Robert Smith haircut is perfectly rendered and finally his eyes are almost as expressive as the original. Indeed, the all black eyes characteristic of Funko figures work perfectly to represent Edward’s perpetually wide eyes.

Edward, emblematic character of Tim Burton

Edward Scissorhands is the main character of the eponymous film by Tim Burton. Made in 1990, it marks the first collaboration of the director with the actor Johnny Depp and will remain one of his most emblematic films. Edward is a boy created by an inventor living in a gothic castle on top of a hill. The inventor will give him a heart to breathe life into him, but he will die of a heart attack before he has time to finish it. Edward was left with scissors and blades for hands. A few years later, Peg, a cosmetics representative, comes to the castle. Finding him alone in this dilapidated castle, she decides to bring him back to her family where he will quickly fall in love with her daughter, the pretty Kim (played by Wynona Ryder). At first he is well accepted by the community but they all end up turning against him. Only his family will remain loyal to him, but he will be forced to return to the castle. Edward is the Burtonian character par excellence. He is at the same time gothic, poetic, artistic and totally out of step with normal” people.


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