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Edward Scissorhands in dress clothes (Edward aux Mains d’Argent)

New clothes

Edward is shown here wearing the clothes given to him by the woman who found him and that he put on over the black clothes that are actually part of his body. It is a brown pants a little too big for him that he wears with suspenders and a white shirt with open collar and rolled up sleeves. We can see his hands made of several scissors and different blades whose details are very well done. On the head, we find his face very pale, his black lips and dark circles around his eyes as well as his black hair styled a little in all directions.

A new life

Edward is the hero of the film Edward Scissorhands, one of Tim Burton’s most successful films. It tells the story of Edward, a young man created by a creator of toys and machines who loved him so much that he gave him a heart. But his creator died before giving him hands, so he had to keep scissors instead. Years later, a woman demonstrator of beauty products came to the castle where he now lived alone. Seeing what the house was like and his face from cutting himself with his hands, she decided to take him home to get him some clothes and welcome him into her family. At first, the rest of the town will quickly adopt him because he will show talent for cutting hedges and hair. But it will only take one incident for everyone, except his adoptive family, to turn against him.


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