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Edward Scissorhands with Face Mask (Edward aux Mains d’Argent)

A funny look

For this new version of the character, Funko has represented Edward with the clothes Peg gives him when she brings him home. It is a brown pants a little too wide and maintained with straps, and a white shirt rolled around the arms. We find the many pairs of scissors replacing his hands and very finely reproduced. At the level of the head, we can see that Peg has covered her very pale skin with a blue beauty mask but we can still see the dark circles around her eyes and her black lips. Finally, we find her black hair combed in a mess.

A caring mother

Edward is the famous romantic hero of the movie Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton. Edward was created by his father, an inventor living in a strange mansion in a small American suburban town. He taught him to talk, read and all sorts of things about life in general, he even gave him a heart but he died before giving him hands and Edward was stuck with scissors for many years. Then Peg, a beauty product demonstrator, shows up at the castle. Seeing that Edward had to live alone all these years and that his skin was full of cuts from his scissors, she decided to take him home. She gives him more traditional clothes that he puts on over the leather ones that are an integral part of his body, and tries her best to take care of his wounds. His family accepts him well, except for Kim, the teenage daughter, and the neighbors. But it won’t take much for that to change and some will turn against him as Kim will finally get closer to him.


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