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Edward Scissorhands (Edward aux Mains d’Argent)

An unforgettable physique

For this new version of the character, Funko represented him with the black leather outfit which is not in fact a garment but an integral part of his body, this one not being really human. We find this black leather outfit with the multiple details of straps and golden buckles particularly well represented. At the level of the arms, we find the scissors that serve as hands and one is raised, as a sign of good morning. At the level of the head, we find her pale complexion and the few cuts on her face as well as the black makeup around her eyes and her black lips in heart. His black hair styled in all directions is also very well represented.

A romantic story

Edward is the hero of the movie Edward Scissorhands, one of Tim Burton’s most famous movies. Edward was never born but was created by his creator, a genius inventor who made all sorts of things but, not having any children, decided one day to create Edward to keep him company. He gave him a heart to make him alive but died before giving him real hands and he had to make do with hands made of scissors. One day, a female makeup artist comes to the strange castle where Edward has been living alone since the death of his creator. Seeing the state of loneliness in which she lives, she decides to take him home to her clean little suburban house and give him clothes and a place to sleep. In spite of his strangeness, we will quickly realize Edward’s talent to carve bushes in extraordinary shapes but also hair or even dog hair. But the latter not being used to human conventions, there will be misunderstandings and the one who was considered an eccentric genius will soon be rejected as a monster by all except his new family.


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