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Edward Scissorhands with Kabobs (Edward aux Mains d’Argent)

Practical hands

Edward is shown here during the scene where Peg’s family organizes a barbecue to introduce Edward to their neighbors. He is wearing the slightly too large clothes that she gave him so that he would blend in a little better. It is a brown pants maintained by suspenders and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves. On several of his scissors he has skewered vegetables and pieces of meat as if for skewers. Finally, on the face, we find his light skin, some scars as well as the blue circles around his eyes. His black hair is a mess on top of his head.

A new universe

Edward Scissorhands is the hero of the eponymous cult movie from the early 90s, imagined and directed by Tim Burton. He is a creature created from scratch by his father, a brilliant creator, because he was lonely. He made Edward human by giving him a heart but died before giving him real hands. For years, Edward lived alone in this large mansion with scissors for hands, until Peg, a beauty product demonstrator, rang his doorbell. Seeing his condition and his loneliness, she decided to bring him back to her family. The family accepts him quickly and he quickly becomes the curiosity of the neighbors who appreciate his talent to cut trees in incredible shapes but also to cut hair or groom dogs. Unfortunately, if his new family accepts him as he is, the others will quickly turn against him.


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