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Ego (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

A character with the look of a great sage

Contrary to many characters of this saga, Ego has a much less colorful and more serious look. He looks like a classic human and his outfit seems to be closer to the spirit of the Thor movies than to the very colorful atmosphere of Guardians of the Galaxy. We find this outfit composed mainly of neutral colors: brown, beige, blue gray etc … He wears pants with brown boots and a green tunic. He wears two big metallic bracelets at the wrists whose motives are very nicely reproduced. He also wears a long blue cape which again reminds us more of the spirit of the Thor movies. Finally at the level of the head, we find his grey hair brought back as well as his thick beard, also grey.


Peter Quill

Ego’s father is an important character of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. In the first episode of this famous Marvel Studios movie, a series of events brought a group with different intentions and backgrounds together and they ended up saving the galaxy together. In the second episode, Peter Quill, the former pest, Gamora the slayer, Rocket the intelligent raccoon, Groot the humanoid tree and Drax form a family of sorts. After learning at the end of the first movie that he was not completely human, Peter Quill will find himself face to face with his father who has been looking for him for years. This one is called Ego, a member of a very ancient and powerful race with mysterious gifts. We still don’t know his precise role in this movie


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