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Elrond (The Lord Of The Rings)

A king of the elves

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Elrond with the long red robe he wears during the famous council of Elrond. First he wears a long white tunic with elegant silver patterns typical of the elven culture. Over it, we find this famous long red coat with very long sleeves. He is represented with his hands raised and to the side. At the head level, we find his long brown hair with braids on the sides. He also wears a sort of silver crown with motifs that are typical of the elven culture.

The leader of the council

Elrond is an important character of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. He is one of the most famous and powerful elves, having fought in the first war of the ring against Sauron. In the first volume/film, the ring of power is found in Bilbo the hobbit who leaves it to his nephew Frodo. Like his uncle, Frodo is quite unaffected by the power and attraction of the ring, which drives its wearer to reunite it with its master. However, the Nazguls are looking for it and Frodo has to go to Rivendell, Elrond’s domain, in order to participate in a council that will decide what should be done with the ring. It is decided that it will be destroyed. Frodo volunteers, but he will have to be accompanied by several hobbit friends and especially several human, dwarf or elf warriors as well as Gandalf the wizard, in order to accompany him in his task.


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