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Elsa Nightgown (Frozen 2)

Elsa is shown here with the nightgown she wears when she hears the voice that wakes her up. It is a long purple nightgown with a high waist, a V-neckline and long sleeves. There are discreet blue patterns representing the ice and a thickness of veil nicely represented in transparent plastic. At the level of the head, we find her long blond hair tied in a braid in her back. Finally, she holds a diamond in her hand representing the earth element.


A mysterious voice

In Frozen 2 from Disney Studios, we find Elsa, newly crowned queen and adored by her people since she manages to perfectly master her powers. But while all the people have just celebrated the harvest, Elsa does not feel as confident as she seems. She hears a strange song and a voice calling her. She tries to resist, but is drawn in and unwillingly awakens the magical spirits of the nearby forest, which has been frozen in mist since a battle broke out between the people living there and Elsa’s grandfather’s army. The spirits are causing chaos in Arendelle and Elsa, accompanied by Olaf, Kristoff and her sister Anna, will have to go to the forest to understand what happened, to repair the mistakes and save Arendelle. A voice in the night


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