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Erik Killmonger with mask chase (Black Panther)

A traditional warrior

At the beginning of the movie Erik Killmonger steals an original traditional Wakanda mask from a New York museum and then wears it when he wants to return to Wakanda. That’s how Funko decided to represent Erik for this chase figure. We find this mask with an animal look with two large horns on the forehead and a kind of boar’s snout at the nose and two holes for the eyes. On the body, he is dressed like the normal version of the character, with military pants, matching boots and a metal armor on the chest. Finally, he also holds the traditional weapons of Wakanda: a large sword and a spear.


A will of revenge

Erik Killmonger is the main antagonist of the movie Black Panther from Marvel studios. This makes him a character a little bit different because we will realize that his reasons are finally quite legitimate. At the beginning of the movie T’Challa, son of the deceased king, officially becomes the new king of Wakanda after the traditional ceremony. Wakanda is an imaginary country in Africa that has developed very quickly thanks to the vibranium in its soil but has chosen to keep this development secret by hiding their largest city behind a shield so as not to be dragged into the wars of other countries. Erik Killmonger is T’Challa’s cousin who has lived in New York since his father was sent there as a spy. He was executed by the Wakanda government for conspiring to reveal their country’s secrets to the world in order to help all their brothers living in misery. Erik is determined to return to Wakanda and challenge T’Challa to continue his father’s mission.


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