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Evelyn Carnahan (The Mummy)

A brilliant librarian

Funko has represented here Evelyn with the outfit she wears in one of the first scenes of the movie, very typical of the 20s. It is a long brown skirt with a white shirt with black stripes worn with a sort of blue tie. Her brown hair is pulled back in a bun at the back of her head. She carries a torch and stands with one hand forward and a worried look.


The most adventurous librarian

Evelyn Carnahan is one of the main characters of the American fantasy adventure film The Mummy released in 1999, remake of the famous 1932 film. The film takes place in 1926 in Cairo. Evelyn is a librarian at the Cairo Museum and has a great knowledge of ancient Egypt. When her brother brings her a map he took from a former American soldier, she thinks it may be a map to the mythical and cursed city of Hamunaptra. The man in question, Rick O’Connell, has already been there and agrees to take them there if they get him out of jail. But when they arrive at the famous city, Evelyn reads a passage from the Book of the Dead and awakens the mummy of Imhotep, buried alive with beetles for having slept with the pharaoh’s mistress. The mummy thinks that Evelyn could be a vessel for the spirit of his beloved that he is determined to bring back.


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