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Imhotep (The Mummy)

A terrifying creature

Imhotep is represented here towards the end of the film when he has almost completely regained his human form. He is wearing his long black priest’s robe but it is torn. On the face, we find his bald head as well as some scars and especially his jaw still partially decomposed that he stretches in a supernatural way to cause a sandstorm. Sand is actually swirling at his feet.


The Mummy

Imhotep is the terrifying villain of the movie The Mummy, released in 1999 and being a free adaptation of the 1932 Universal Studios movie. In 1290 B.C., Imhotep and the favorite of the pharaoh Sethi I murder the latter in order to live their love. But they are caught by the soldiers of the pharaoh. Anck-Su-Namun commits suicide and Imhotep is condemned to a terrible punishment, to be buried alive with beetles that devour him. Millennia later, in 1926, Evelyn, a librarian with a passion for Egyptology, brings him back to life by accident. From that moment on, Imhotep will do everything to regain his strength and try to bring his beloved back to life as well.


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