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Exoskeleton Snowball (Rick and Morty)

An impressive robot

For this new version of Snowball, Funko represented him in a 15 cm supersized version in his complete exoskeleton. He is a small white dog with a long hair and a very non-threatening look. He is standing on a silver metal exoskeleton with two big legs and arms ending with claws. He controls it thanks to the helmet attached to his head and we can see the blue visor in front of his eyes that serves as a screen.


The king of the dogs

Snowball is formerly Snuffles, the dog of the Smith family in the cartoon parody Rick and Morty. He was, according to the family’s father, a particularly stupid dog. For this reason, he asked Rick to make him smarter. This worked so well that Snuffles (now Snowball) decided to take revenge on the humans who had always treated dogs as slaves. He built himself a robot exoskeleton and took Morty, the son of the family who had always been nice to him, as a pet. But after realizing that he was doing to men what men did to him, he went to live in a parallel dimension of intelligent dogs.


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