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Falcon (Captain America Civil War)

A figure in motion

Funko has chosen to represent this character whose main attribute is to fly thanks to his winged jetpack. This makes a particularly successful and dynamic figure. On the body, we find this gray suit decorated with many silver and red finely represented. As in the movie, he wears matching boots and we can see the bracelets on his wrists that allow him to control his armor and weapons. On his back, we find his famous wings unfolding and in colors matching his costume. Finally, on the head, we find his brown skin and his short black hair. Funko did not forget his thin goatee and his protective glasses with red lenses are nicely reproduced. This figure comes with a base that allows him to give the impression of being in flight. This figure is exclusive to the Hot Topic website.


Captain America

Falcon’s loyal sidekick, whose real name is Sam Wilson, is one of the main characters in the movie Captain America Civil War. He first appeared in the movie Captain America The Winter Soldier. He is also a former soldier with whom Steve Rogers befriends while going for his morning jog. Later, when Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff discover that Hydra has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and is pursuing them, they need a place to hide and Sam Wilson goes to help them. When Captain America decides to take control of SHIELD, Sam Wilson reveals that he was not just a pilot, but a pilot of a prototype military jet pack with wings, which gave him his nickname of Falcon. Following the events of Avengers 2 in Sokovia, the government wants to impose more control on the Avengers and wants to eliminate Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ childhood friend who had been kidnapped by Hydra and brainwashed into a super soldier since the 1940s. But Captain America doesn’t intend to let that happen, he will have to face Iron Man and his team but he will also be able to count on the help of Falcon, Scarlett Witch and other more surprising allies.


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