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Falcon (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

The Falcon in Flight

Falcon is shown here in his flight suit. Indeed, when he was in the army, he was the first to test a suit equipped with large wings giving him the ability to fly. This suit is red and black with silver elements and he is standing with his legs apart, looking at the bracelet that allows him to control Red Wing, the small drone that accompanies him and was made by Tony Stark. Red Wing is attached to Sam with a transparent plastic piece that makes it look like he is flying. On the head, we find his red visor and his little black goatee on his brown skin.


New missions

The Falcon, whose real name is Sam Wilson, is one of the heroes of the Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Sam first appeared in the movie Captain America The Winter Soldier. A former military man, he became friends with Captain America, Steve Rogers. When Rogers found himself wanted when Hydra revealed itself inside SHIELD, Sam didn’t hesitate to take him and Black Widow in. Later, he joined the Avengers but was always loyal to Captain America, not hesitating to become an outlaw like him in Civil War. In this new series, he gave up the shield that Steve had entrusted to him and tries to resume a normal life after having disappeared for five years. He resumes missions for the government and will find himself teaming up with Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ other friend. Indeed, a group emerges wishing to abolish the borders and return to the way things were during the five years when half the population had disappeared. Some of them seem to have the super-soldier serum and the two men are determined to find out who gave it to them.


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