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Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

A very wise looking hacker

Felicity is seen here wearing one of the suits she often wears at work: a straight black skirt and a purple blouse. With that, she wears black shoes with heels and a tablet in her hands. At the level of the head, we find her glasses with two-colored frames as well as her blond hair brought back in a discreet bun.


The computer champion

Felicity is one of the main characters of the Arrow, the series based on the DC comics of the same name and telling the story of the mysterious archer vigilante. Felicity is employed at Queen Consolidated as a computer scientist and has a history of hacking. She is often in contact with Oliver Queen who always has strange requests like analyzing computers in a strange state. But it’s finally when she finds him in the masked vigilante costume bleeding to death from a gunshot wound, that she takes him back to his lair and finally joins Team Arrow.


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