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Figurines Pop Batman et Catwoman (Batman Hush)

In the clutches of the enemy

This figure depicts a famous comic book moment found on the cover of Batman Hush issue #11 when Batman comes to the rescue of Catwoman who is trapped in the sentient plants of Poison Ivy. Catwoman is standing with her arms crossed and the plants creating a base for the figure. She is wearing her black Catwoman costume with a cat-eared helmet and large glasses on top of her head. Batman flies over her, his face and body completely in shadow and his blue cape closing over her like a bat’s wings. The only other element of color is her helmet with the pointed ears of a bat.



Batman and Catwoman are two important characters in the Marvel comics universe. Batman is the secret identity of billionaire genius Bruce Wayne. After his parents were murdered as a child, he became the superhero Batman, using his martial arts skills and money to build vehicles and technological gadgets to fight crime at night in Gotham City. During his missions, he will come across Catwoman, a young woman who was reanimated by cats after being killed. She kept some of her physical abilities. His relationship with her is complex and although she is often considered a super-villain, there is an obvious affection and attraction between them. In one episode of Batman Hush, Batman rescues her from the clutches of Poison Ivy who had taken control of her brain.


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