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Figurines Pop Comic Moments Deadpool VS Cable (Deadpool)

A great representation

For this comic moments, Funko represented the fight between Cable and Deadpool on a piece of road partly destroyed. We can see the asphalt with the lines and the earth underneath and the two men fighting. Deadpool is wearing his usual red suit and holding a sword in each hand. Cable is shown with his blue outfit his metallic arm as well as his white hair and modified yellow eyes.


An enemy of the future

Deadpool is a superhero of the Marvel universe known for his particular humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall. He is a former mercenary who became almost immortal after undergoing scientific experiments. One of his most famous enemies is Cable, a man whose body has been modified with a bionic arm and eyes that give him extraordinary abilities. He has the particularity of coming from the future to try to stop and kill the young boy who will later become the super villain who will kill his wife and daughter.


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