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Figurines Pop Daenerys and Fiery Drogon (Game Of Thrones)

Daenerys and her most faithful ally

Daenerys is represented here on Drogon, the biggest of her three dragons and the most protective towards her. From the moment he starts letting him ride on her back, Daenerys will dangerously take a liking to making him breathe fire to fight her enemies. Drogon is thus represented here on the ground with his black scales, his red eyes and his two large wings partly folded. He spits fire represented with a partially transparent orange and yellow plastic. Daenerys is on his back, holding on to his spikes. She is wearing the black and red outfit with a long coat and a dragon chain that she adopted when she arrived in Westeros to adapt to the colder climate. On the head, she wears her long blonde hair pulled back in a complex system of braids and nicely curled at the end. Her face is also a bit sallow to show that she has already spent time fighting.


A formidable queen

Daenerys is one of the heroines of the Game Of Thrones series and one of the few truly central characters. She is, with her brother, the last survivor of the Targaryen family, exiled since their father lost the war against an alliance of the most powerful families of Westeros. Her brother is doing everything to try to find enough money and an army to regain the power he thinks is rightfully his, including marrying his sister to a barbarian warlord. But Daenerys doesn’t see it that way and decides that it is to her that the power must return. During several seasons, she will work there and free the slaves at the same time. At the beginning of season seven, she finally arrives in Westeros with her army. The first battles are violent against Cersei’s army but Jon Snow will finally convince her that the main battle is in the North against the army of the dead against whom her flame-breathing dragon will of course prove very useful. Unfortunately, she will get a little too fond of using fire to defeat her enemies.


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