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Figurines Pop Mickey Plane Crazy, Classic, Sorcerer, Beanstalk (Mickey Mouse)

Mickey’s Story

For the anniversary of the Disney Archives, Funko depicted five versions of Mickey on the same base, each holding a pencil as if he were drawing the next version of the character. First is the black and white version of Mickey from Plane Crazy. Then comes the classic Mickey with his red shorts and yellow shoes. In the center, we find the Mickey of Fantasia with his long red dress and his blue hat with stars. He draws Beanstalk Mickey with his medieval outfit and his feathered hat. Finally, we find the last version of Mickey very close to the classic version.


A historical character

Mickey is the mascot of the Disney studios since its creation in 1928. He appeared for the first time on screen in the cartoon Steamboat Willie where he was working on a steamboat and doing everything to woo Minnie. He is a small anthropomorphic mouse with a playful character and a characteristic high-pitched voice. He was later featured in numerous films and shorts, including Beanstalk, inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, and Plane Crazy, where he tried to build his own plane to impress Minnie. He was also featured in the feature film Fantasia where he played a magician’s apprentice.


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