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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Red Skull VS Captain America (Captain America)

An important moment

For this movie moments, Funko chose to represent the fight between the two men on the secret base of Red Skull. The silver metal generator is nicely represented and detailed as well as the metal grid on which they are standing. Captain America is wearing his uniform with the colors of the American flag with brown boots and gloves. He is also holding his famous vibranium shield as well as his blue helmet with an A and a small pair of white wings drawn on it. Red Skull has this red skeletal face and his all black Nazi-inspired outfit.


The first enemy

Captain America is the first superhero of the Marvel universe and the first of the Avengers. He was a rather frail young man who was determined to become a soldier during World War II in the United States. He was then offered to participate in a scientific experiment, after which he changed dramatically. He became taller, more muscular and, above all, incredibly strong and fast, with a regenerative capacity that made him almost immortal. During the Second World War, he fought the Nazis and especially Red Skull, a general who founded Hydra and was interested in everything esoteric or extraterrestrial to improve human beings or prolong their life.


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