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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Thor VS Thanos (Avengers Infinity War)

A divine confrontation

For this movie moments, Funko has chosen to represent the cult moment of the second confrontation. They are on a support representing the forest floor of Wakanda and Thanos is on his knees, momentarily slowed down by the power of Thor’s blow. We can see that he is wearing the gauntlet already carrying all the stones as well as the enraged expression on his face. The axe is stuck in his chest and he holds it with his right hand. In front of him, Thor is elevated thanks to his lightning bolts that he is partly projecting towards Thanos. As always, he is wearing his red cape and his black suit. On his head, he wears his short hair, a beard and an angry expression.


An enemy too powerful

In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos the titan is very close to his final goal: to gather the six infinity stones on his gauntlet and thus obtain enough power to put his plan to save” the galaxy. This one is simple and very radical, he thinks that the galaxy is overpopulated and would like to be able to randomly wipe out half of the population with a simple snap of his finger so that there are enough resources left for everyone. Of course, the Avengers will do everything they can to stop him. Thor fights him the first time when Thanos takes control of his ship. This results in the death of all his crew except him. He is saved by the Guardians of the Galaxy who come by. But if he wants to try to fight Thanos again, he needs a new weapon. After having it made by a giant blacksmith, he arrives on Earth with Groot and Rocket. Thor has the opportunity to fight Thanos a second time but he is already too powerful and the axe that Thor sticks in his heart stops him only momentarily.


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