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Figurines Pop Rhaegal, Viserion et Drogon (Game Of Thrones)

Beautiful children

For this lovely three-pack of figures, Funko has chosen to depict Daenerys’ three little dragons as standing babies with their wings stretched out. Drogo, the biggest and strongest of the three is mostly black with red inner wings and horns on top of his head. Rhaegal is all green with slightly beige inside wings and finally Viserion, named for his brother is almost all beige with a few touches of gold on the wings and horns on the top of the head.


Three brothers in their early days

Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogon are the last three living dragons in the famous fantasy series Game Of Thrones. At the beginning of the series, while the great families of Westeros conspire against each other for power, Daenerys and her brother, the last survivors of the Targaryen family, try to gather an army and means to regain the throne. So Daenerys is given in marriage to a Dothraki warrior in exchange for her army and she receives dragon eggs, supposedly dead, as a gift. But when her husband dies and she places the dragon eggs on his funeral pyre, they finally hatch. Their debut is difficult as they are too small to hunt and Daenerys has to feed them as best she can despite the fact that her people are currently wandering the desert on their way to the city of Qarth.


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