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Figurines Pop UA High School with Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

The famous H

The UA high school is represented here with its H-shaped structure. It is composed of two towers with glass walls connected by a small bridge in the middle. The bottom of the building is in a very different style with Greek columns and a much more classical style. We find as well the first three numbered entrances for the students of the different levels. Izuku is represented with his school uniform with his blue pants, his grey jacket and his tie a little bit askew. He is holding his backpack tightly behind his back and we can see his famous green hair.


A prestigious high school

UA High School is one of the main places where the anime series and the manga My Hero Academia takes place. It is a high school for superheroes where students who wish to use their alter to become superheroes come to be educated. It is considered one of the best superhero high schools in existence and it is where the hero Izuku is a student. Izuku is special because he is part of the small percentage of the population that doesn’t have an alter but still wants to become a superhero. He will be so brave and hard-working that his teacher, the famous hero All Might, will give him his alter One for All, one of the most powerful in the world.


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