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Figurines Pop Yamcha et Puar (Dragon Ball Z)

An adorable duo

Yamcha is represented of course with his martial arts suit very close to Son Goku’s one with its orange color and blue highlights at the belt, shoes and wrists. He is standing in a fighting posture with his arms raised and his legs bent. On the head, we can see the scars on his eye and on his left cheek. His long, spiky black hair is very well reproduced. Finally, Puar is adorably represented with his beige and blue body, his big surprised eyes and especially his long pointed ears.


Funny best friends

Yamcha is a character from the Dragon Ball Z saga who ended up in Son Goku’s entourage and became his friend. Before that, Yamcha was a long time brigand with his lifelong best friend, Pua, a shape-shifting animal between a rabbit and a cat, most often described as a kind of cat. Yamcha is a great martial arts master and was also famous for his legendary bad luck and shyness with women. But his meeting with Bulma changed his life and after that he became a real heartbreaker without losing his rather sweet character.


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