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Flamenco Deadpool (Deadpool)

A new talent for Deadpool

Funko paid tribute to Deadpool’s passion for disguise here by representing him as a flamenco dancer. Still over his tight red and black outfit, he wears white pants with a red stripe and black shoes. On top, he wears a red shirt with yellow and orange ruffles on the arms. He holds two maracas with the Deadpool logo on them and wears a small black hat on the corner of his head.


A superhero like no other

Deadpool is a superhero of the Marvel editions. He is the main character of the comics of the same name but we can also see him in the X-Men comics or with Wolverine in X Force. He is a mutant who got his mutation after a scientific experimentation. This has made him almost invulnerable since he can regenerate completely. But he is also disfigured and almost never leaves his red and black outfit covering him from head to toe. A former mercenary, Deadpool is not very politically correct but also has a sometimes offbeat, sometimes black humor that makes him very popular.


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