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Floki (Vikings)

Floki, the Builder

Like the other figurines of the series, the one of Floki is most probably inspired by some promo pictures of the series. Although Floki is present during the fights, he is a builder before being a warrior and this is how he is represented on this figure. Already at the level of his outfit, he wears a tunic and pants in simple green fabric. The only leather parts are his brown sleeveless vest, his boots and wristbands. In his hand, no sword or shield but rather a hammer and a small dagger. Finally, if there is something particularly recognizable about Floki, it is his face. Indeed, the creators of the figurine have done a great job of rendering this particular haircut and have not forgotten the makeup he wears throughout the series, even if they could have accentuated it even more.


The messenger of the gods

Floki is one of the main characters of the series Vikings, broadcast on the History channel in the United States. This series is a fictionalized adaptation of the story of the legendary Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. Floki is one of Ragnar’s closest friends. While Ragnar is still a simple warrior/farmer in the village of Kattegat, he discovers a new navigation tool that will allow him to travel to new lands, including England. Floki will be the one to build the boats that will allow him to lead his first raids in secret, without the knowledge of the Earl (chief) of the village. Floki is the most religious character of the series. That’s why he won’t like the fact that Ragnar becomes friends with the Christian monk he brought back from England, Athelstan. This character, associated with the mischievous god Loki, is at the beginning a rather strange character but eccentric and amusing. But as the seasons go by, Floki will become more and more extreme and disturbing.


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