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Seer (Vikings)

A mysterious character

As we almost never see this character outside the darkness of his house, it’s hard to really recognize his appearance outside of his face. But Funko was probably inspired by the episode 8 of season 1 Sacrifice”, where the Seer joins the villagers during the pilgrimage to Uppsala. We can recognize his grey woolen robe in a rather bad state on which he wears a black hooded cape. Being blind, he of course needs a stick to walk. This and the mystical necklaces he wears around his neck have been very finely reproduced by the creators of the figurine. But what is most recognizable about this character is his face. We can recognize those awful scars that give the impression that his skin has been sewn over his eyes but for once Funko has also chosen to give the character a mouth. He always wears a kind of black makeup on and around his lips that gives him a Marilyn Manson look and adds to the strangeness of the character. And it would have been a shame to deprive him of it!


The blind man who sees the future

The Seer is a recurring character in the series Vikings. Broadcast on the History Channel in the United States, this series tells the story of the legendary Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok. The Seer is a mysterious character, we don’t know much about him except that he is supposed to be able to communicate with the gods. As the Vikings believe that their destiny is written in advance by the gods, many inhabitants of the village of Kattegat call upon him to know their future. Ragnar, a simple warrior and farmer at the beginning of the series, will thus learn that a great destiny awaits him and that he will have several more children despite the impossibility of his wife, Lagertha, to give him more. We almost never see this character anywhere else than in the building where the inhabitants of the village come to consult him. We also don’t know where he gets the terrible scars on his face that make his eyes look like they’ve been sewn shut.


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