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Rollo (Vikings)

Rollo season 1 version

The figure of Rollo is very close to that of Ragnar and Lagertha. Like them, he is presented in a warrior outfit with his sword and shield. This is rather surprising since since season 2, his trademark is rather to fight shirtless with an axe. But the creators of the figurine have probably chosen to take inspiration from the promo pictures of season 1. Indeed, we can recognize his light brown tunic over darker pants and boots. He also wears a leather coat, trimmed with fur on the shoulders and maintained by a strap across his chest. As in these photos, he also holds a blue sword and shield with a red cross. As in the series, Rollo is shown with a thick beard and mustache and his long brown hair is held back by a simple half ponytail. Finally like many warriors, Rollo has scars. Funko did not forget to mark the one he has in the eyebrow.


Rollo, in the shadow of his brother

Rollo is one of the main characters of the TV series Vikings. This series, broadcast on the History channel in the United States, is loosely based on the story of the legendary Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. Rollo is Ragnar’s brother, like him he is a fierce warrior but he is much more impulsive and less thoughtful than his brother. Since the beginning of the series, his feelings towards his brother are divided. If he decides to follow him during his first raids to England, he has also always been jealous of his relationship with Lagertha whom he has always been in love with. When Ragnar starts to take more power in the village of Kattegat, his jealousy will grow and for a while he will even betray his brother to join another clan. Even though he will always end up joining his brother, Rollo will always be ambitious and will always tend to enter into relationships based on what they can bring him. In this, the character is particularly interesting because his motivations are always difficult to understand.


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