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Lagertha (Vikings)

Lagertha, the Shield Maiden

Like Ragnar, Lagertha is represented as a warrior. Even though she is often seen wearing more feminine clothes, it is her function as Shield Maiden” that characterizes her the most. This outfit is particularly representative of what she wears during the raids of season 2 as well as on some promo pictures. As her outfit should be practical for fighting, it differs little from that of Ragnar or the other warriors. We can however recognize this beige leather tunic with a large belt that marks her waist. For the rest she wears leather pants, boots and large armor at the wrists. The creators of the series have not forgotten the green cloth tunic that she wears under her armor. Unlike Ragnar, Lagertha fights with a sword and she wears like all Vikings a shield with colors close to that of her husband. Finally, if at the beginning of the series, her hairstyles are quite simple, they tend to become more complex as she gains power. Funko has finely rendered this style “inflated” on top and very braided on the sides that she wears especially during the fights.


From simple farmer to Earl

Lagertha is one of the main characters of the television series Vikings. Broadcast on the History channel in the United States, this series is a free adaptation of the story of the famous Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok. At the beginning of the series, Lagertha is a farm girl living with her husband Ragnar and her two children, Bjorn and Gyda, in the Viking village of Kattegat. But she is not only a farmer, she is also a warrior and if Ragnar does not take her with him on his first raid in England, she will be present on all the others. Very quickly, Ragnar becomes Earl (chief of the village) but when he cheats on Lagertha and makes the princess Aslaug pregnant, she sees it as an affront and leaves him. Lagertha is not without ambition either, and eventually she too becomes Earl. She is also the archetype of the Viking woman, both physically, with her blond hair and blue eyes, and in character. She refuses to stay at home and knows how to defend herself very well, as we can see from one of the first scenes of the series. She also joins raids and battles as the Shield Maiden”. She never loses an opportunity to assert her rights, which are, among the Vikings, close to those of men.


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