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Forrest Gump avec boite de chocolat (Forrest Gump)

A cult scene

Forrest Gump is represented here with the famous box of chocolates that he brings Jenny at the end and during the cult scene where he talks with a lady on a bench. He wears a rather elegant beige suit with a blue checked shirt and matching brown shoes. The box of chocolates is white with a red bow around it. On the head, he wears his hair very short with this slight V-shape on the front of the head.


A cult hero

Forrest Gump is the cult hero of the less cult movie Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump is a slightly retarded young boy who is born in the 50’s and has a complicated start in life as his single mother has trouble making ends meet and he is born with deformed legs. But despite these difficulties, we will follow Forrest’s life through the next few decades and he will accomplish, a little in spite of himself, many feats. He will survive the Vietnam war, become a table tennis champion during his rehabilitation after the war, become a legend by running all over the United States without stopping and become very rich with a shrimp fishing business after following the advice of his friend Booba, who died during the war. We will also follow his story of friendship and love with Jenny whom he meets when he is young and then loses sight of before finding her several times.


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