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Forrest Gump running (Forrest Gump)

A cult look

Forrest Gump is represented here running. He is wearing a typical 70’s outfit: short red shorts with a white border and a bright yellow t-shirt. He is wearing high socks with red and blue stripes and typical white Adidas sneakers. Finally, on the head, we find his big beard and his long hair that he let grow while he was running and his red cap.


Hero in spite of himself

Forrest Gump is one of the cult roles of Tom Hanks which made him a legendary actor. He plays a simple-minded man who will achieve, somewhat in spite of himself, many feats in his life. He was born with deformed legs and had to wear braces all his childhood to try to correct them. One day, other young boys come to bother him and he tries to run away. Encouraged by Jenny, his best friend and the person he will love most in his life, he starts running and never stops. He survives the Vietnam war and becomes a ping-pong champion while playing ping-pong to pass the time in the hospital while rehabilitating from his war injury. He will also meet John Kennedy, inspire John Lennon to Imagine and his famous way of dancing to Elvis Presley. At one point, following an upset, he runs away and does not stop anymore. For months, he will run all over the United States, sometimes alone, sometimes followed by hundreds of people inspired by him, until he finally stops overnight, suddenly too tired to continue.


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