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Forrest Gump ping pong (Forrest Gump)

A true athlete

Forrest Gump is shown here wearing the outfit he wears to represent the US in an official ping pong competition. He is wearing short black shorts with a red t-shirt with USA” printed on it in large letters. With that, he wears white sneakers with matching white socks with blue stripes. At the head level, we find his short brown hair and this slightly perplexed expression that we often find on his face. Finally, he holds in his hands a ball and a red ping pong racket.


A champion who ignores himself

Forrest Gump is the hero of the famous movie of the same name telling the story of a man who, although he is a bit simple-minded, will accomplish incredible things throughout his life. He was born with deformed legs, but the braces he wore throughout his childhood corrected this and he became an outstanding runner. His childhood remained rather lonely and sad until he met Jenny who became his best friend and the most important person in his life. Unfortunately, when the Vietnam war started, Forrest had to serve in the army like everyone else. He befriends the men in his regiment, including his captain and Booba, who dreams of going home to make a living fishing for shrimp. Forrest is wounded and sent back to the United States for his rehabilitation. He gets a little bored and starts playing table tennis against himself. He is so good that he is spotted by higher-ups and ends up on the official US Olympic team and becomes a national hero


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