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Forrest Gump uniforme (Forrest Gump)

A symbol of peace

Forrest Gump is thus represented here wearing his dark green military officer’s uniform made up of pants and a jacket. On his shoulders and above his pocket, we can see several stripes and medals as well as a medal around his neck, a golden star. At the level of the head, we find this expression always a little lost and he wears a cap completing his uniform. Finally, he makes the sign of peace with his right hand, which will make him famous once again.


An unusual hero

Forrest Gump is the unusual hero of the famous movie of the same name, whose life he tells from his childhood to his forties and takes advantage of it to retrace a part of the history of America through his very specific eyes, especially the 50s, 60s and 70s. He is not born with many advantages as he is slightly mentally retarded and his legs are twisted, forcing him to walk all his childhood with metal armatures. Despite this, he managed to grow up and his legs became stronger, making him an excellent runner. He will run all over the United States and become a kind of celebrity. When the Vietnam war comes, he is sent there and comes back as a hero after having saved several men of his unit. He became a ping-pong champion during his reeducation and then, after being seen making the peace sign in an officer’s uniform, became a symbol of the anti-war hippie movement. He also met many celebrities such as John Lennon or Elvis Presley before finally finding his childhood friend Jenny, the person he has always loved the most and who had a child with him years before.


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