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Fumikage Tokoyami (My Hero Academia)

A dark hero

Fumikage is represented here with his superhero appearance and outfit. This outfit is all black and composed of simple black boots and a big dress hiding his whole body. We can also see his black bird face with feathers on the top of his head, a beak and half closed eyes. Finally, he is surrounded by his demonic alter, a kind of snake with a purple bird’s head coming out from under his robe and with disturbing yellow eyes.


An alter like no other

Fumikage is a student of Yuei high school in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia and like the other students of the high school, he wants to become a superhero. Fumikage is a reserved and small boy in spite of his appearance and his alter which do not pass unnoticed. Indeed, Fumikage has a black bird head on a human body but this has nothing to do with his alter which is a kind of demon Dark Shadow” that the young boy can control at will, which gives him an obvious tactical advantage during the fights. He is thus one of the most feared fighters despite his small size and apparent fragility.


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