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Gabriel (The Walking Dead)

A man who has kept his faith

Despite a past that haunts him, Gabriel has kept his faith and he is always represented with his priest costume. He wears a simple black suit with black shoes and the small white collar very characteristic of the priests. In his hands, he holds a large rifle with an aiming instrument that he uses to defend himself. On the head, we can see his shaved head and his recognizable little goatee.


From priest to warrior

Gabriel is one of the members of Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group in The Walking Dead series since season 5. At the time of the outbreak, Gabriel was a priest and when the people started to turn, he barricaded himself in his church, denying access to his followers who all died. Since then, he has been consumed by remorse and when he first meets Rick’s group, he thinks they are sent by God to punish him. But he eventually joins the group and agrees to have to kill the walkers to survive. In spite of everything, he remains very religious and becomes an important member of the group.


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