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Gambit (Marvel)

A great gambler

Gambit is shown here with his classic comic book look and as always handling playing cards with some kind of transparent pink plastic representing his power. He is wearing black pants with gray metallic boots and a long brown coat. Finally, at the head level, we find the helmet that holds the bottom of his face, his red eyes and his short brown-red hair falling on his forehead.


A heavy past

Gambit is a superhero of the universe, more particularly of the X-Men comics, the latter being a mutant. His real name is Remy LeBeau and he was kidnapped from the New Orleans hospital where he was born. He was raised by a gang of pickpockets who taught him their trade before being rescued from the streets by the master of the thieves’ guild himself. His mutant power, the ability to control kinetic energy, manifests itself as a teenager but he hides it from his family. After his marriage to the daughter of the head of the assassins’ guild ended tragically, he was chased out of New Orleans and lived again as a thief until he met the Tornado, who offered him a job with the X-Men.


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