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Gamora (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

The beautiful plant with fuchsia hair

Gamora is represented in the outfit with which we discover her at the beginning of the film and especially the one she wears on the poster of the film. It is a very tight combination in black leather. We can find many details like the silver parts at the level of the collar or the small blue drawings like scales. The whole is rather finely represented if not for the transparent part at the level of the belly. In addition to her outfit, she wears large black leather bracelets and this kind of improved sword with which she fights. What characterizes Gamora is also of course her green skin. The color is perfectly faithful and we also find on her face the patterns that seem to be engraved on her skin. Finally, the only detail that I think should be revised on this figure is her hair. In the movie his hair is black and ends on a very bright fuschia pink. Here, it has become an old bland pink that does not do justice to the very cartoon” side of this character.


The most terrible weapon in the galaxy

Gamora is one of the main characters of the Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy” inspired by the comics of the same name. Gamora is the “adopted daughter” of the terrible Thanos. By adopted daughter, we must understand that he decimated all his people, then decided to collect her and modify her to make her the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy. At the beginning of the film, he asks her to recover a precious orb that would allow him to obtain an immense power and destroy a planet. She then sees an opportunity to escape Thanos’ grip by selling the orb to a wealthy collector, which would allow her to travel to the other side of the galaxy. But while trying to get her hands on the precious object, then in the hands of the notorious thief Star-Lord, she finds herself pitted against the bounty hunters Rocket Raccoon and Groot and all four end up in prison. There they meet the very strong Drax who wants his revenge on Thanos. They decide to team up to escape and share the profits from the sale of the orb. But everything will not happen exactly as they had planned.


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