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Gendry (Game Of Thrones)

Gendry and his axe

Funko has depicted Gendry as we see him in the last season of the series. He is wearing his simple blacksmith outfit: a linen tunic and pants with black boots and a thick leather protective tunic with matching wrist guards. On the head, we can recognize his brown hair cut very short and his light beard of a few days. Finally, he holds the impressive battle axe that he forged himself and wields in an absolutely formidable manner.


Another bastard

Gendry is a character of the series Game Of Thrones that we discover in the first season. Although his role is not capital, it is a character very appreciated by fans. In season 1, Ned Stark meets him when he investigates the death of the previous hand of the king and he quickly realizes that he is a bastard of the king Baratheon, working as an apprentice blacksmith. At the end of the season, when Ned Stark dies, his master sells him to the brothers of the Night’s Watch and he finds himself sharing the road for a time with Arya. He soon realizes that she is pretending to be a boy but he does not turn her in and they become fast friends. They continue on the road together for a while until they come across the Brotherhood Without Banners. Gendry decides to join them, believing in their cause. But then Melisandre arrives and they sell him to her because she needs royal blood to sacrifice to Stannis. Fortunately for him, Davos does not approve of this and helps him escape by boat. We don’t hear from him for more than two seasons but when Davos accompanies Tyrion to King’s Landing in season 7, he takes the opportunity to go and see Gendry who has returned to work as a blacksmith. He brings him back with him and he is part of the expedition that leaves to retrieve a wight and prove their existence to the rest of the world.


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