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Gimli (The Lord Of The Rings)

A proud warrior

Funko has of course represented Gimli with his full warrior outfit since this is how he is dressed during almost all the movies. He wears a red tunic over a coat of mail, all tightened by a belt with an engraved gold buckle. He holds an impressive axe in each hand and also wears the cloak of Lorien. On his head, we find his moustache and his big red beard elegantly braided. Finally, he wears on his head a large helmet very finely decorated with Celtic and runic inspiration. A really successful figurine that should make collectors happy.

The dwarf representative

Gimli is the only representative of the dwarf race in the Lord Of The Rings books and movies. When Sauron’s ring of power is found and brought back in relative safety to Rivendell, a council is organized by Elrond to decide what should be done with it. He summons representatives of all races and peoples. Gimli is one of the dwarves to come to this council. When everyone agrees that the ring must be destroyed in Mordor, Frodo volunteers since he seems to be very resistant to its power. Several members of other races and peoples offer to accompany him and Gimli is one of them. Thus, a company of nine men set out for Mordor to destroy the ring. Despite the ancestral enmity between dwarves and elves, Gimli befriends Legolas, the elf of the company, and is literally subjugated by the beauty and presence of Galadriel. In the books, he is even invited to leave Middle-earth on the boats of the elves going to the Grey Havens.


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