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Goku Windy (Dragon Ball Z)

A hero in the wind

Goku is represented here in a windy” version, that is to say in a fighting posture with his hair in the wind. He is wearing his usual outfit made of an orange suit with a belt and blue boots. At the level of the head, his eyebrows are frowned in a very concentrated attitude. His black spiky hair is turned to the side to give a windy effect and he has his legs and arms bent to show that he is in a fighting stance.


The most famous manga hero

Goku is the hero of the Dragon Ball manga and the anime adaptations Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Super. Goku is at the beginning a young boy particularly gifted in martial arts who will train to become the best and will find himself fighting very dangerous enemies with his friends. In the second part of the manga and the second anime series, he grew up and married Chichi. But then his brother arrives and tells him that he is not human but one of the last of a race of alien warriors. He will then follow a new training which will allow him to develop powers much greater than anything he could imagine.


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